Terms of Reservation


This contract includes all terms as follows. The contract is without intermediaries, with the property owner/lessor.

2.1. After you've reserved your temporary reservation, we'll require that you confirm your reservation via e-mail and that has to be done by the person initially named on the reservation ("party reservation head"). The party reservation head needs to be at least 18 years old and authorized to do reservations on the basis of these terms of reservation for all persons named on the reservation. Confirming the information about the reservation with the Lessor the "party reservation head" confirms that he or she is so authorized and that all party members agree to be bound by the terms of reservation.
2.2. The "party reservation head" is responsible for all payments to us. After the Lessor sends the receipt, a minimal non-refundable deposit of 30% from the rent price needs to be sent. The remaining balance of your reservation needs to be received at least 30 days before the date of visiting the villa, if the receipt is paid by bank card, or the difference can be paid in cash on the first day of visiting the villa. The listed terms will be listed in the reservation. The Lessor will send a reminder via e-mail or sms. If you reserve within 30 days before arrival to the villa, the entire amount needs to be paid at the moment of reservation. The reservation can be performed through the contact form on our website www.villaunique.net. The reservations received this way are temporary and will be saved for 3 days before receiving your deposit or full payment if it's applicable. If the payment isn't received within 4 days, the reservation will automatically expire.
2.3. Reservations from parties younger than 18 years old can't be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse reservation with no reason given.
The contract between you, "party reservation head" and the property owner will be made when you pay the deposit (or fully pay the amount if you're reserving within the deadline of 30 days before the date of reserving the villa) and we accept your reservation by issuing a written confirmation. Your contract and all questions that result from it are governed by Croatian law. All litigation, lawsuits and other questions that result from or are connected to this contract will be dealt only through courts in Croatia. It's important that immediately after receiving the confirmation you check the confirmation you received from us. You need to contact us if it seems that some information is inaccurate because it isn't possible to change information at a later date. We can't take on any responsibility if you don't inform us on any inaccuracies in any document within 14 days from when we sent it.
The price of the villa is based on the prices presented on the website www.villaunique.net at the time of your reservation or reservation request. The Lessor accepts reservations for a week on the least, and in some cases for 5 days in April, May, September and October.
The properties are completely furnished and equipped. The price of each property includes bedding, electricity, hot and cold water, air conditioning and heating. Heating the pool incurs an additional cost. Satelite/Cable TV don't include access to all channels when available. If internet is available, it's expected that the buyer brings their own laptop. Fax machine means that a fax machine can be provided. Using telephone / internet content need to be paid locally.
To cover any damage or breakage a security deposit is needed. The deposit will be collected when visiting the villa and amounts to 500 € per villa. For groups of young people (younger than 22 years) an additional security deposit of 500 euros is needed on check in. For telephone use, internet access or other services, a higher deposit could be needed to cover additional costs. You'll be informed about this during the reservation or if you decide that you want to use additional services, a higher deposit will be confirmed on arrival to the villa. We ask that you have this money ready on arrival, if not, entrance to the villa can be postponed until the deposit has been done. The deposit is returned at the end of your stay after the owner checks the villa for damage.
If you're unable to travel you have the right to transfer your villa to another person. You need to inform us about this in writing at least 42 days before the reservation date. We'll charge a 50,00 euro supplement feed per reservation. You'll also be responsible for additional expenses that resulted from this transfer. Until we receive the full amount, you and the person that's taking your place are responsible for the full payment for the villa.
If you want to do other reservation changes once it has been confirmed, you need to inform us in writing as soon as possible. We'll try to accommodate you, but we can't give guarantees. The fee of 50,00 euros for changes and additions per reservation will be applied together with all additional costs that result because of the change. If you want to change your reservation in the deadline of 42 days since departure, we can treat that as a cancellation. In this case the costs applied is the fee listed in the table for cancellation feed from point 8.1
If you wish to cancel your reservation, you may do so in writing, by email at info@villaunique.net. All cancellations take effect from the day the Renter receives it. In all cases the dismissal will only be accepted by the party leader. If you cancel, you will have to pay cancellation costs. The amount you pay depends on the date of the written notice of cancellation. The following cancellation fees apply: If you wish to cancel your reservation, 30% of the total cost will not be refunded. The total amount will not be refunded within 30 days before the date of arrival.
Cancellation fees are calculated as a percentage of the total price of the villa. Cancellation feed exclude the and additional expenses which can't be refunded in case of cancellation.
In the unlikely case that we need to perform changes and cancellations, we'll inform you as soon as possible and in that case, we'll try to agree with you on alternative accommodation of a similar type, standard and location. If there's no alternative accommodation or if it's not acceptable, we'll return all of the paid funds and we don't bear any additional responsibility.
If you have problems during your reserved villa, we ask that you inform us so that we have a chance to react. If your complaint can't completely be resolved verbally, please forward your complaint as described in Filing consumer complaints.
It's expected that the guests arrive after 16:00 Croatian time and that they depart by 10:00 AM. Smaller variations of up to one hour are possible. Travel documentation will inform you about precise times of arrival/departure for your property. If you arrive after this time: 21:00 and later: the owner can charge an additional cost.
The party reservation leader is responsible for the parties that bring along valid travel documentation (passports, visas, driver's licences, car registration, green card, car insurance, etc.). It's very important that your travel arrangements (e.g. flights) are secured at the same time when you reserve the villa because Villa Unique can't be responsible for problems that result from travel arrangements.
You need to keep the inventory and all furniture and equipment needs to be kept in the say state of repair as at the start of your vacation and in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. You'll be responsible for any break-ins, losses or damages. Once again we warmly recommend that you arrange acceptable travel insurance for yourself and all party members. The property owner keeps the right to deduct from the security deposit each additional cleaning, according to the number of hours, also to request payment of damages or losses whose amount is over the amount of the security deposit. Parking camping trailers / setting up tents is forbidden.
Only people named at the time of reservation can use the object without additional confirmation. The maximum number of people, including infants, allowed at the object can't be overstepped. The owner has a right to cancel the stay without previous announcement and with no refund if the number of people is overstepped.
The owner of the property or his representative will be reasonably allowed access for urgent maintenance and/or inspection.
The person signing the contract is responsible for correct and courteous conduct of the party. If you or a member of the party conduct yourself in that way, the owner can use its absolute discretionary right and ask you to leave the property without a refund.
Please allow time to organize additional services. Additional services are paid local (excluding car rental). We can't take on responsibility for additional services.
Bedding changes are included into all properties. It's recommended to bring a beach towel.
The pools aren't open year-long. If pool heating is needed, it's an additional charge that's deducted from the security deposit.
If you plan to organize a private function (Party, wedding, cocktail part) in the object, you need to ask for permission. Additional expenses or an increased security deposit can be requested according to our estimate.
All of the valuables left in the property are your responsibility and risk. The owner of the property isn't responsible for their lost. You can't receive a refund if you decide to leave the property because of a break-in.
We're investing efforts to ensure the most accurate description, we don't take responsibility for errors in content and their results. You need to accept that smaller differences can occur between the actual property and the used photo / illustration / text. We retain the right to change property specifications we find needed. In the interest of continued improvement, we retain the right to replace furniture, equipment, objects or any part of any activity, either advertised or earlier available, without earlier announcement. If material changes happen after reservation has been confirmed, we'll advise you if there's time before departure.
23. PETS
Pets aren't allowed except with confirmation from the owner. We reserve the right to incur an additional charge and/or increase the security deposit. The number of pets needs to be agreed upon before accepting the reservation.
Keep in mind that our properties are in isolated places and as such you can come across flora and fauna such as mosquitoes, wasps, ants, local dogs, etc. Keep in mind we can't be responsible for construction on buildings or roads in the vicinity of the object. We'll try to advise you on any planned work, but it can occur at any time without our knowledge.
The owner of the property won't be responsible for the death or injuries of any member of the reservation party or any other peron on the property, except if it's a result of proved disregard by the owner. We're not responsible for any losses or delays caused by any reson reasonably out of our control, including but not limited to acts of god, explosions, storms, fires or accidents, war or war threats, civil unrest, acts, limitations, laws and regulations of any kind of government, strikes, lockdowns or other industrial effects or litigation or unfavorable weather conditions. In each case, we have the right to treat the contract as completed. In case of our responsibility, it's limited to refunds of paid amounts in relation to the unused proportion of rental which is calculated daily, deducted by the administrative fee of 50,00 euros to cover our reasonable costs. We can't be responsible for technical malfunctions such as pumps, boilers, pool filtration systems, public communal services such as water, gas and electricity. The owner can't be responsible for noise or distractions off the property bounds our out of our control. In the case that there was a source of noise before your reservation and we've been informed about it, we'll contact you so you're informed about the disturbances. We can't accept responsibility for events our of our control, e.g. bad weather, effects of bad weather, traffic delays and malfunctions of amenities.
Special offer will be listed on the website www.villaunique.net.
From time to time we can link to other websites we think that would be interesting to buyers that plan to stay in the villa. We want to emphasize that we're not responsible for the acts or content of these websites. It's your responsibility to check the status of these websites.
We'll try to fulfill all of your request before you travel, but we sadly can't guarantee them. Special requests aren't part of our contractual obligations towards you and we don't admit any responsibility it they aren't fulfilled.
Pula, Croatia, July 1st 2019